Pandora Moments

Colour-changing Jellyfish Dangle Charm

SKU: 792704C01

46 JD

Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 4 micro and 3 flush-set round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia; 2 bezel-set
round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia
Enamel: white; blue radiance; princess blue; green; colour changing light to dark teal
Motif: 3D thermochromic jellyfish with moving tentacles
Special features: multicoloured thermochromic enamel on the body; body changes
colour in response to temperature; two stones set as eyes on the front of the
jellyfish; polished line on the bottom; four tentacles curled up in different lengths
and connected to the body by a jump ring, enabling them to move as one part;
seven differently sized stones set along the outside of the bail.
Extra note: in lower temperatures, the blue shades intensify; in room or higher
temperatures, white spots appear.
Inspiration: inspired by the magical and symbolic creatures of the sea. The jellyfish
goes with the flow and always moves forward in life, trusting its instincts rather than
resisting change 


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