Pandora Moments

Camera, Heart & Compass Triple Dangle Charm

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Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 1 bezel-set round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia
Enamel: black; transparent France blue; transparent antique green; transparent
Engraving: "Discover"; "Dream"; "Explore"
Motif: camera, heart and compass
Special features: travel triple dangle charm; realistic detailing represents the
shutter button, flash mount and function controls on the camera; the body of the
camera is coloured with enamel; the lens of the camera is set with a stone
surrounded by a wheel with grooved lines; on the back of the camera, a functional
heart-shaped hole for stone setting represents the display window; engraved
message on the bottom of the camera; on one side of the heart, transparent
gradient enamel reveals a slightly raised world map underneath; the other side of
the heart is polished with an engraved message; one side of the compass is
engraved with navigation letters and features a slightly raised orienteering arrow;
the other side of the compass is polished with an engraved message; each side of
the bail is imprinted with a heart.
Inspiration: symbolises travelling, exploring and dreaming.

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