Pandora Moments

Blue Murano Glass Butterfly Dangle Charm

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46 JD

Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 13 bead-set round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia
Other material: bicoloured blue Murano glass
Motif: Murano glass butterfly
Special features: Murano glass shaped as a butterfly; on one side, a cut-out pattern
follows the shape of the butterfly, forming its wings; six swirls function as prongs,
extending from the pattern and holding the Murano glass in place; micro beads line
the centre of the Murano glass, forming the body on both sides of the charm; the
cut-out wing pattern can be seen through the Murano glass; pavé lines the outside of
the bail.
Inspiration: our summer animals have the power to protect and inspire us. The
butterfly is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of life, carrying mystery and
representing hope and transformation

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