Pandora Moments

Celestial Sun, Star & Moon Clip Charm

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Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 21 bead-set round brilliant-cut royal blue man-made crystals; 3 bead-set
round brilliant-cut night blue man-made crystals; 1 flush-set round brilliant-cut
blazing yellow man-made crystal; 2 flush-set round brilliant-cut clear cubic
Other material: silicone
Motif: celestial sun, moon and star clip with stones
Special features: clip charm detailed with celestial icons: sun, moon and star; one
side has a raised asymmetric five-pointed star with a stone set at its centre and a
raised crescent moon filled with pavé; pavé surrounds the star and moon; the
other side has a matching star and a raised sun with alternating straight and wavy
rays and a stone set at its centre; pavé also surrounds the star and sun; the edges
of the clip are polished.
Extra note: the clip charm is lined with silicone and does not fit over threads (two
raised charm dividers); it stays fixed in position when clipped onto a snake or
studded chain.
Inspiration: the symbols we carry can protect us, inspire us and guide us during
our journey. Combine all the celestial symbols together to create harmony in life.


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