Pandora Moments

Cloud & Swallow Charm

SKU: 792569C01

46 JD

Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 4 prong-set and 1 flush-set round buff top-cut bleached aqua blue manmade crystals; 18 micro bead-set round brilliant-cut skylight blue man-made
crystals; 18 bead-set round brilliant-cut stellar blue man-made crystals; 2 flush-set
round buff top-cut icy blue man-made crystals
Engraving: "Let your dreams be your wings"
Motif: cloud with swallows and dangling stones
Special features: cut-out cloud; a mix of microbeads and row of pavé on the
outline of the cloud; a single swallow on one side of the cloud; two swallows on the
other side of the cloud; all swallows with wings spread at an angle and grooved
feather details; two large stones set in the centre of a swirl in the cloud on both
sides of the charm; three stones in the shape of rain drops dangle from the cloud.
Inspiration: Let your dreams fly. Inspired by drifting clouds and swallows welcoming
spring, while the delicate rain drops add a spark of freshness to the season.

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