Pandora Moments

Protective Hamsa Hand Dangle Charm

SKU: 789144C00

38 JD

Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: 14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend
Motif: an intricate openwork Hamsa hand
Special features: the hand hangs freely from the bail; intricate openwork detailing
with a slightly raised eye, crescent moon and rays inside the palm of the hand;
micro bead detailing along the outline of the palm and fingers; polished back; beads
along the outside of the bail.
Inspiration: the hand of Hamsa is said to provide protection, strength, power over
and blessing against the Evil Eye. The hand serves as a talisman against the Evil Eye.
Mysticism. A protective amulet. The downward hanging hand is often seen as a
gesture that welcomes an abundance of goodness, kindness, friendship and grace
into your life

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