Pandora Me

Pandora ME Link Chain Bracelet

46 JD

REF# : 599662C00

Special features: a statement link bracelet with a carabiner clasp; two openable connectors each with grooved lines on the sides following the shape of the link; the carabiner clasp and the openable connectors open inwards with spring back function; each link is ca 10mm long and are grouped in pairs of four or more links depending on the size of bracelet; Pandora logo engraved on two sides of the carabiners clasp. Styling note: one set of four interlocking links corresponds to the length of a regular double link and a styling link; exchange connectors and links with the same length alternatives to keep the length of the necklace 1:1; you can style medallions with openable top parts on both links and connectors; style mini dangles with closed top parts on openable connectors only; for a custom look exchange the two connectors with other connectors or the links with other links of the same length. Each openable connector can be styled with a maximum of 8 Pandora Me mini dangles or 2 Pandora Me medallions. Inspiration: enjoying the ultimate level of personalization and freedom of styling for an individual, customized look.

 Metal: sterling silver

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