Pandora Moments

Sparkling Swallow Stud Earrings

SKU: 292568C01

38 JD

Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 4 bead-set round brilliant-cut night blue man-made crystals; 4 micro beadset round brilliant-cut skylight blue man-made crystals; 2 bead-set round brilliantcut stellar blue man-made crystals; 2 flush-set round buff top-cut night blue manmade crystals; 2 prong-set round brilliant-cut stellar blue man-made crystals
Motif: swallow with stones
Special features: swallow with wings spread at an angle with grooved feather details;
body covered on the front with pavé and microbeads; one stone set in each eye;
swallow holds a stone in its beak resembling kissing the stone; butterfly backs.
Extra note: sold as pair.
Inspiration: the blue swallow is a true sign of spring. Let your dreams fly when you
seize the magic of the spring season. Swallows are one of the first signs of spring
returning. They represent hope and that better days are to come

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