Pandora Me

Pandora ME Styling Round Connector

SKU: 799671C00

20 JD

REF # : 799671C00

Special features: on the sides a pattern of grooved lines follow the shape of the band; polished on the in-and outside; hinge allows for an opening of up to a quarter of the diameter; closure features springback function for a secure closure. Extra note: can be styled on both bracelets and necklaces or be added to earrings; functions between links in any size for endless styling possibilities and linking different styles of links; helps adjust length and size for optimal customization. One openable connector can be styled with a maximum of 8 Pandora Me mini dangles or 3 Pandora Me medallions. Inspiration: enjoying the ultimate level of personalisation and freedom of styling for an individual, customised look.

 Metal: sterling silver

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