Pandora Me

Pandora ME Moon Power Medallion

23 JD

REF# : 799669C01

Special features: round outline with a diameter of 16mm; openwork flipped moon with blue man-made stones; microbeading along the moon’s outline on the backside; 5 triangles with centred stones under the moon along the bottom curve of the outer circle. Extra note: outwards openable top part with springback function, click to secure closure; styles on closed links and openable connectors. Inspiration: feminine empowerment; the moon as a feminine symbol of the rhythm of time and natural cycles. It is rotated 90 degrees and faces downward to represent your wild side; signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation and a spiritual connection. Geometric shapes are a reference to decorative tribal patterns, which symbolise belonging to a community; expressing your personal style.

Metal: sterling silver

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