Pandora Moments

Metallic Blue Gecko Charm

SKU: 792701C01

23 JD

Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: sterling silver
Stone: 2 bezel-set buff top-cut black man-made crystals
Enamel: transparent mosaic blue; transparent royal blue
Motif: 3D gecko with metallic enamel
Special features: gecko positioned as if curled around a branch; coated in
transparent metallic gradient enamel, revealing a scaly pattern that covers the
body; pointy toes on the feet; tail curving under the body and attaching to one leg;
polished underbody and outline following the shape of the gecko; stones set as
eyes; curved grooved line as the mouth; functional hole for stone setting
underneath the head.
Extra note: slightly smaller in size, adding dimension and levels to your styling.
Inspiration: the symbols we carry can protect us, inspire us and bring us luck. The
gecko symbolises regeneration, renewal and healing, encouraging us to come back
stronger and wiser than before


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