Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon & Groot Emblem Charm

SKU: 792565C01

38 JD

Metal: sterling silver
Enamel: princess blue; shimmering blue
Engraving: "OH YEAAHH" and "GUARDIANS"
Motif: 3D Guardians of the Galaxy shield shaped emblem badge
Special feature: on one side of the badge is a cut-out and slightly raised Marvel's
Guardians of the Galaxy star-like emblem symbol with the engraved name
"GUARDIANS" over it; enamel details around the emblem; on the other side of the
badge is Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot on his left shoulder; the characters are
slightly raised from the charm with their characteristic expressions and clothes;
engraved message with enamel details above the two characters; along both sides of
the emblems a grooved line on each side; Pandora logo engraved on one side of the
charm; ©Marvel logo engraved on the other side of the charm.
Inspiration: the Guardians of the Galaxy and their team spirit. The friendship
between Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon 

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