Pandora Moments

Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring

SKU: 162674C01-48

54 JD

Collection: Pandora Moments
Metal: 14k gold-plated unique metal blend
Stone: 7 micro and 5 bead-set round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia
Motif: band featuring a pavé sun detailed with rays on one half
Special features: sun filled with pavé in its centre surrounded by a slightly raised
outline; alternating straight and wavy rays emanating from half of the sun on one side
of the ring; functional round- and star-shaped holes for stone setting on the back of
the sun's centre and two of the rays; two imprinted stars on each side of the sun's
centre inside the ring.
Styling note: style the Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring with the Celestial Blue Sparkling
Moon Ring to create a complete motif.
Extra note: can be stacked and styled with other rings.
Inspiration: the symbols we carry can protect us, inspire us and guide us during our
journey. The sun represents energy, radiance, positivity and life, reminding us that
the light always follows the dark


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